Treatment of liver metastases by neutron irradiation and auto-transplantation

I am glad that I could work at this project.

The Therapy mentioned, adresses cancer diseases with diffuse, non operable metastasis at organs. That patients normally are not set aside for a donor organ. Besides of the chemotherapy there is only the chance of a new therapeutical concept.

That concept is based  on the irradiation of the isolated organ (autotransplantation) due to the Boron-Neutron-Capture-Therapy (BNCT). Das organ will be temporarily explanted and in that period of time treated with an irradiation therapy. That therapy form does not need a donor organ and therefore there is no rejection reaction of the immune system because of tissue foreign to the body.

Als fitting reference neutron source can be taken into acount the TRIGA-Reactor i.e. at the Institute for Nuclear Chemistry of the Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz. Here the project was initiated, after the treatment first was done successfully at a patient in december 2001 at the University of Pavia in Italy and therefore the feasibility in principle was proved. 

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