ATTILA® – Deterministic Radiation Transport Software System

I first heard of ATTILA® in 2004 when my colleague brought the information from a conference.

For the modelling of the TRIGA reactor for designing an irradiation facility for the BNCT I made several attempts with MCNP. By discussing these we thought that something like the commercial CFD programs should exist for radiation transport issues. So I desided to try it with ATTILA®.

Since then for ATTILA® were made big improvements and developments.

Besides its graphical user interface it is extremly powerful in parallel mode on a cluster. We calculated finally with 80 cores the detailled activation, waste quantities and dose distribution for the structural materials of a PWR and in a further project even for the components in the surrounding area.

Today ATTILA® is highly interesting also due to its interface to MCNP. That way we can connect the functionalities of both program systems. With ATTILA® or rather ATTILA4MC® we may generate by now very comfortable the MCNP input, with the variance reduction, geometry and source definition.

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